Policy Platform

Our Coalition Platform

  • Data & Transparency: Compile and make available to the community detailed information on the arrests, incarceration, and deportation of immigrants from the Houston area. Ensure that there is transparency around the amount of local resources spent on jailing immigrants, and collaboration agreements and processes in place whereby local law enforcement and other local official bodies within the Houston area work with federal immigration officials. 

  • Divest in Jails and Invest in Communities: Divest from mass incarceration of adults or  juveniles and invest in protection of people by reducing the number of individuals in jails, and by supporting policies such as LEAD, bail reform, and diversion programs that do not include an admission of guilt or booking an alleged offender into a jail. 

  • Cease unnecessary collaboration between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities. 

  • Increase Access to Competent Criminal Counsel: Ensure those facing misdemeanor and felony charges have access to competent legal counsel who is knowledgeable in the immigrant consequences of the crimes alleged. Ensure that all individuals who are jailed have access to information about their rights, including their right to remain silent, prior to being interviewed by ICE officials while in jail. 

  • Public Funds for Immigrant Legal Defense: Expand publicly funded immigration legal defense fund to ensure immigrants have competent representation in immigration court.