Divest in Jails and Invest in Communities

Houston Leads is committed to advocating for the divestment of Harris County jails and police using resources, and funding in community outreach programs, and creating alternative crisis response programs.

Houston Leads commits to reduce the number of people in jail by: 

Working with Black-led and grassroots groups to implement and expand alternatives to incarceration and arrest through community-led pre-arrest diversion programs for adults throughout Harris County. These pre-arrest diversion programs should address offenses rooted in behavioral health concerns and/or poverty, such as drug possession, prostitution, theft, trespass, family violence, etc., and are impacting our most vulnerable community members.

Eliminating arrests for citation-eligible offenses, including driving without a license

Working with criminal justice advocates to shrink the Houston Police Department and Sheriff’s office budgets

Advocating for comprehensive mental health resources in Harris County and establish a non-police responder program for mental health crisis, substance abuse, and family disputes.